Savannah Mount Bromo, Whispering Desert

Savannah Valley, Whispering Desert Mount Bromo

Savanna Valley Mount BromoSavannah Mount Bromo, Whispering Desert is the one of interested places in Bromo National Park, This valley closed to Whisper Sand (a massive desert in Mount Bromo). Savannah Mount Bromo, Whispering Sand Mount Bromo is a part of Mt Bromo attraction that mostly visited after finish enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise to the highest peak and Crater, especially when the rainy season is going on. Savannah valley, Whisper Sand have similar attraction especially when foreigner visitors wish to make a photography. These interested places mostly visited by domestic and foreign visitors when They have finished doing Mount Bromo trekking. Savannah Bromo located at northern side from the Crater, about 1,5 kilometers, Savannah Mount Bromo and Whispering Sand only possible reached by Private Jeep 4 WD for 15 minutes driving from Hotel around Cemoro Lawang.

Savannah at Mount Bromo also called Bukit Teletubis Its distance between Whispering Sands is very closes only bordered by Mt Ider – Ider. Whispering Sand is called Pasir Berbisik in Indonesia language, Most film creater use the Bukit Savanah and Pasir Berbisik, Since these places lush of green grass also a massive Whispering Sand desert surrounded green high mountain.

Savannah Valley Mount Bromo

Savannah Valley or Savannah Hill Mt Bromo is a massive green grass consist of Benggala Grass, Sawi Langit or Vernonia, Vaccinium varingaefolium, Akasia (Acacia decurrens), Kemlandingan (Albitzia lophanta) and Adas (Funiculum vulgare). Its very suitable used as Mount Bromo Photography for Perwedding Background, Shooting for romantic film, Photo Pose and selfie, various grass grow in this terrain make creat a special name as Bromo Savannah Hill.

Whispering Sand Mount Bromo

Whispering Sand Mt BromoWhispering Sand in Mount Bromo located one way to Savannah, It is a massive smooth sand usually result a toned voice like whispering something when someone talk any word by low voice and Savannah Hill is green grass surrounded by high mountain. The best time to enjoy Savannah, Whispering Sand Bromo is in early morning, You can do trekking and also by Private Jeep 4 WD. To complete your holiday, If you still have more time, You can continue your trip to Madakaripura Waterfall durated for 1 hour by car from your hotel.

Mount Bromo Sunrise tour from Bali, Surabaya, Jogjakarta, Banyuwangi :

Savannah Valley Mount Bromo is the most popular Savannah Valley in East Java, Indonesia. If you are interested to enjoy these tourism object, You can start from Surabaya, Malang, Bali and Banyuwangi Harbor. If You need to visit the Savannah Mount Bromo and Nature Tourism in East Java, You can discuss with Our partner for detail information about Bromo tour price, accommodation and other facilities, you can visit Our contact.

Mount Ijen | Blue Flame Crater in Java Island

Mount Ijen | Blue Flame Crater in Java Island

Mount Ijen | Blue Flame Crater in Java Island

Mount Ijen has a wanderful Crater named “Blue Flame Crater”. Ijen Crater located in Banyuwangi regency of East Java province, Indonesia. Ijen Crater is closed to Mount Merapi at 2800 metres and Mount Raung at 3,332 metres. it’s location in the middle of Bondowoso and Banyuwangi regency, about 32 km to the north west of Banyuwangi regency. Ijen Crater Banyuwangi  has 2,368 meters high above sea level and the crater lake has 200 me-ters deep that contains about 36million cubic meters of acid steam water.

Blue Flame Crater on Mount Ijen Banyuwangi

Blue Flame on Ijen Crater Java Island also called Blue Fire Ijen Crater, it is seem like the gas stove fire. it is a natural process of Crater in Mount Ijen that occurred all nights begin at 18:00 PM and finish at 05:00 AM. The flame appears all night, to enjoy Blue Flame, need a equipments such as Flashlight, Trekking Shoes, and gass mask. variors visitors go to this Blue Flame, some of them enjoy the view and some of them visit the blue flame only to know about the Blue Flame process, such as John Pallister, a USGS geologist who has studied the volcano. He said that to speed up the formation of the mineral, a mining company installed ceramic pipes on an active vent near the edge of the lake,  the pipes route the sulfur gases down the vent’s sloping mound. When the gases cool, they condense into liquid sulfur, which then flows or drips from the pipes and solidifies into hard sulfur mats. after the solid sulfur cools, the miners break it up and haul it off the mountain on their backs.

The Activity of Sulfur Miners in Ijen Crater
Mining a sulfur is the one way to earn money by sulfur miners. Sometime the miners spraying water from a small pump onto the pipes to promote cooling and condensation. Sulfur stalactites sometimes form from the liquid sulfur dripping from the pipes then collected and sold to tourists. Sulfur miners at Ijen Crater work at night under the eerie blue light to escape the heat of the sun and to earn extra income. The miners sell the sulfur for about 600 Indonesian rupiah per kilo (less than 25 U.S. cents per pound). They can carry loads of 176 to 220 pounds (80 to 100 kilos) once a day or twice if they work into the night.

Ijen Crater Tour from Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi
Mount Ijen, Banyuwangi is possible reached from all cities in Java Island. You can start Ijen Crater tour from Surabaya, Banyuwangi, Malang. The nearest way to reach this volcano is from Banyuwangi for 2 hours driving by private tour van or public transportation through Banyuwangi Ketapang Harbor to Licin Jambu village.

If your tour from Surabaya, You can drive to Probolinggo, Situbondo, Bondowoso then heading to Sempol. If you would to enjoy Blue Flame Crater Mount Ijen, You can choose to stay in the nearest hotel such as Catimor Hotel, Arabica Hotel, Ketapang Indah Hotel and Ijen View Hotel then start Ijen Crater trekking tour at Midnight time such Mt Bromo Midnigh tour. Trekking for Blue Flame Crater need a time for 1,5 hours from Paltuding (parking lot) then continue to bottom crater for 45 minutes with local guide service.

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Tanjung Papuma Jember | Popular Beach in Java Island

Tanjung Papuma Jember | Popular Beach in Java Island

tanjung Papuma Beach JemberTanjung Papuma Beach of Jember is an amazing and popular Beach in Java Island, Indonesia. it is located in southern coastal of jember regency, exactly in Lojejer village of Wuluhan subdistrict about 45 Km from Jember city. it is also known as Rocky Beach because of high rocks that surround the spot make this beach very interested. Papuma beach is very suitable place to enjoy the sunrise, because it has a high plateau that only need a trekking up for 10 minutes through the stairs from the parking area.

Tanjung Papuma Beach offers an enchanted panorama for sunrise and aslo sunset, Most photographers enjoy the exotic view from Papuma Peak, Beside Bromo Milky Way, it is also has strategic peak to see Papuma Milky Way started at 00:00 AM from parking lot. On Papuma Beach Jember, you will see the sunrise and a wide of southern sea that decorated by many high rocks and great terrifying waves it is really awesome from the top of Papuma (pasir putih malikan).

Beside enjoy the panorama of Papuma Beach, You can also possible enjoy delicious local foods in local food stores that always serve all visitors to enjoy various kind of fish dishes, bake fish like Gurami Fish, Indigo Fish, Bawal Fish, Grouper Fish, Kuwe Fish and the other dishes food. Papuma Beach has white and clear sand that possible for to do sunbathing. Beside of the beautiful nature it is also rich of fauna like Monitor Lizard, Jungle fowl, various kind of birds, wild boar, Deer, Porcupine and Anteater.

In this beach provided some reservation and supporting tools for visitors that want to enjoy Papuma circumstance like some lodges and camping ground. When the sunset time almost arrives, the atmosphere of Papuma will seem more beautiful tobe enjoyed untuk dinikmati. Especially when the time approaching to the dusk that interspersed with hard wind cause the circumstance into dramatic ambience. The situation at night always felt noisy because of the waves striking around the rocky area always come alternately make all visitors difficult to get sleepy.

Tanjung Papuma Beach 

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Tanjung Papuma Jember | Popular Beach in Java Island

Songa Rafting, Probolinggo Java Island,Indonesia

Songa Rafting, Probolinggo Java Island,Indonesia


Songa Rafting in Pekalen River is the best rafting in Java Island Indonesia.  Songa Rafting located in Pekalen River of Probolinggo subdistrict, exactly at Ranu Gedang village of East Java Island. Rafting Songa is started form the top of Pekalen River that located in Sawahan Village. Top Pekalen river has higher difficulty levels than down Pekalen river . the river is sourced from the springs of Mount Argopuro and Mount Lamongan with an average between 5-20 meters width and 1-3 meters depth. The distance of river from start – finish is 12 kilometers long, need the trip about 3.5 hours. Pekalen River also has various extreme rapids like White Water Rafiting in Bali. Songa Rafting consist of 50 piece rapids, They are Welcome, Stone Beard, The Pandavas, Eagles, Xtravaganza, KPLA, Triple Ace, The Fly Matador, Sharks, Cucak Rowo, Long Rapid, Good Bye and also Inul rapids, The difficult Level is at grade II to III.

Beside of Songa in Java Island, the other popular rafting in Indonesia consist of Telaga Waja Rafting or White Water Rafting of Ayung River, Melangit River in Bali, Alas River in Aceh, Citarik River in West Java, Elo River in Central Java, Lamandau River in Central Kalimantan and Nimanga River in Sulawesi Utara. Songa Rafting Adventure has various challenges level from grade I to grade III plus, it consist of 30 rapids and may only be followed by aged 10-60 years visitors. The river distance from start to finish divided into three sections, there are top Pekalen, middle Pekalen and bottom Pekalen River. The top Pekalen River is 12 km trip, middle Pekalen is 7 km and bottom Pekalen is 10 km.

Most visitors prefer choose the rafting in the top section from Ranu Gedang Village and finish at Pesawahan Village
the river distance from Start-Finish is 12 kilometer who reached for 3,5 hours with 50 rapids such as Welcome, Batu Jenggot, Pandawa, Rajawali, Xtravaganza, KPLA, Tripple Ace, The Fly Matador, Hiu, Cucak Rowo, Long Rapid, Good Bye and Inul Rapids, the most challenge section is in a grade II until III.

Before start Songa Rafting in Java,Indonesia the participants will be briefed about rafting activity. The participants will be introduced some of the terms used in during rafting done, Like the “Forward” which mean paddling forward, “Backward” which mean paddling backwards, “Stop” mean stop paddling, “Left Back” mean left rower must rowing backwards and fixed right paddle forward, “Right Back” means the right rower rowing backwards and left rowers keep paddling forward, “move left / right and back” which means that the participants have to move to the adviced direction and the most important is the “Boom” which means that the participants must move to the boat floor of the boat and raise the paddle facing to upwards, This suggestion is adviced when the boat passing a very narrow side walls and heavy rapids.

To reach the location of Songa Rafting tour, participants will be taken from the base camp to Songa rafting pekalen by pickup car for 20 minutes driving with the local gude and rescue team. After get the parking area at Ranu Gedang village, the participants had to down a path for 25 minutes by walking to Pekalen river.

Start location of river adventure or Rafting is from Angin – Angin area or Ranu Geddang village, In the middle trip, the rescue team will stop at the rest area of Kedung Adem wherein the participants and enjoy the local meals and Poka Tea, STMJ and fried banana dishes. It’s taste is very delicious and suitable enjoyed in middle trip with cold condition. The finish point located at Gembleng hamlet of Pesawahan village.

During the trip in Songa Rafting adventure, the participants will be presented to beautiful 7 waterfalls They are Niagara Waterfall, Bat Caves and Natural Rock Structure. The waterfall and cave are so amazing with clear and fresh water. The local guide deliberately stop the visitors in this section in order get an owesome view. the view of Bat Caves and waterfalls are still original, you will see a thousand Bat sfluttering and hanged on around the cave and rocks, you will also feel squealing smells of Bat. rancidity and dung of bats will be felt when passing through Bat Cave and Waterfalls. There is also a place to take free jump from a height of 5 meters, the place loose a tension.

To comeback to the base camp, the visitors must trekking through a path and comeback to the pickup car that has waited the participants on parking lot. Arriving at the base camp, participants can clean body and change the clothes in the bath room have been completed for visitors. Afterward, enjoy your lunch with traditional food such as Tempeh, tofu and fish penyet, vegetable ointment, definitely it is very delicious and able recover your energy.

Songa Rafting Facility :

  • Helmet
  • Float Jacket
  • Paddles
  • Mineral dringking
  • Rafting boat
  • Lunch in Songa Base Camp
  • Professional local guide
  • Pick Up and delivering transportation from Base Camp to Sawahan Village (starting location)

Songa Rafting Java is a part of the nature attraction of Indonesia Tourism in East Java Province who has included in Mount Bromo tour option. Tanjung Papuma Beach 

Songa Rafting, Probolinggo Java Island,Indonesia

Madakaripura Waterfall (historical waterfall in Java Island)

Madakaripura Waterfall (historical waterfall in Java Island)

Madakaripura Waterfall

Madakaripura waterfall located in East Java Province Indonesia. exactly in Sapih village, lumbang district of East Java province and it is only one hour from Mount Bromo area. It’s about 3,5 hours driving from the capital of East Java, Surabaya.

Madakaripura Waterfall lies hiddenly at the end of a deep valley in the foothills of the Tengger mountain range. to reach this waterfall, visitors must trek about 20 minutes crossing rivers and a rocky path that surrounded by steep slope and beautiful sceneries along the way, there is a statue of Majapahit‘s great Commander, Gajah Mada in seat position of deep meditation. the statue greets visitors before they continue further on foot after reaching the entrance.

Madakaripura Waterfall is a sacred visiting area comprising lines of waterfalls wherein its center reaches a height of 200 meters from the bottom. This waterfall has related historic with a great Prime Ministry namely Gajah Mada, who strongly struggled to unify the whole territory of the nation under span of Majapahit supervision and said as “the last residence for Gajah Believed to be the final meditation place of military Commander Gajah Mada Chiefment,the great Javanese kingdom of Majapahit in East Java, the towering waterfall is fondly dubbed as eternal waterfall, since its waters never cease to pour down endlessly rain of blessings on those fortunate enough to walk underneath it.

The atmosphere of Madakaripura Waterfall naturally radiates around the waterfall view and rumble sounds of water spreads louder after approaching the waterfall centre. it is not only please the eyes but also freshen body and soul because of fresh and cool temperature come covering the visitors.behind of Madakaripura Waterfall decorated with a cave on the wall which was believed to be the exact location where Commander in Chief Gajah Mada performed his last meditation and even dubbed as the tallest waterfall in Java until tobe the second tallest waterfall in Indonesia after Sigura-gura Waterfall near Lake Toba, North Sumatra.

Madakaripura is historical waterfall
According to ancient Javanese legend that 14th century epic poem, Negarakretagama, Madakaripura was a piece of land given to  Commander Gajah Mada by the Majapahit King Hayam Wuruk. Gajah Mada himself is the most celebrated military commander in the history of the great Javanese Majapahit Kingdom that thrived between 1293 to 1500AD.  Its commander is recognized as the main figure who succeeded in unifying the entire Indonesian Archipelago then under the huge Majapahit empire (that at the time was said to stretch until Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Southern Thailand , the Philippines and East Timor) under his famous oath the “Sumpah Palapa.It is said that the source of his overwhelming power and abilities lies within the cave of the Madakaripura Waterfall, where Gajah Mada frequently came to meditate. The great commander eventually chose the place as his last place for mediation before he was believed to have been –what ancient Javanese believed “Muksha” or vanished spiritually and physically from the face of the earth, rather than just dying  physically.  To honor this legacy, many people still visit the Falls to meditate or perform rituals, especially on the eve of 1 Suro, the Javanese New Year. The Native peoples of Madakaripura immortalized waterfall as a historically significant place, culturally sacred and naturally spellbinding.

Madakaripura Waterfall, still located in Mount Bromo National Park and it has been one of the interested places around Mount Bromo. Enjoy Madakaripura Waterfall, very convenience If you combine your vacation with Mount Bromo tour. You can can start your visiting from Surabaya Airport, Malang or Banyuwangi Regency with private tour or Sharing tour. If you are interested to take the private tour for Mount Bromo and Madakaripura Waterfall you can enjoy your tour from Mt Bromo first then Madakaripura Wtaerfall with the tour duration 2 days 1 night, For complete information about tour package price, accommodation and Our facilities, you can visit Our contact.

Madakaripura Waterfall, East Java Island, Indonesia

Mount Bromo, East Java Province Indonesia

Mount Bromo, East Java Province Indonesia

Mount Bromo, East Java Province Indonesia

Mount Bromo East Java Province Indonesia usually called Gunung Bromo (Indonesia language), located in Cemoro Lawang of Ngadisari Village. Mount Bromo is an active volcano with an altitude 2,329 metres above sea level and included in Bromo Tengger National Park. This Mount is sttled in the middle between Probolinggo, Malang, Pasuruan and Lumajang City. Bromo volcano known as the best tourism object destination in East Java Province because a highest peak usually called Mount Pananjakan (view point) tobe the best place to enjoy the sunrise, Milky Way, a wide sea of sand that surrounded Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru (the highest mount in East Java Province). Mount Bromo of East Java Province, Indonesia always visited by huge domestics and foreign visitors until become the first iconic Java Island, Indonesia.

The Background of Mount Bromo of East Java, Indonesia
The Existence of Mount Bromo National Park derived from an abbreviation of Tengger (Cemoro Lawang tribe of Ngadisari village). The name “Tengger” was taken from the suffix TENG namely “Roro Anteng” and the suffix GER namely “Joko Seger” Tengger tribe were the original inhabitants of Mount Bromo East Java Province.

During at 15th century, Princess Roro Anteng (daughter of the Majapahit King Brawijaya) and her husband Joko Seger fled marauding Islamic forces and ending up in safety. Here they developed a new kingdom namely “Tengger” using parts of their respective surnames. The Kingdom of Tengger transformed into prospered and their religion flourished, but the royal couple were unable to produce an heritage to the throne. In desperation they prayed and meditated on Bromo Mountain for many days before the crater opened and the almighty god Hyang Widi Wasa announced that they would be given 25 children, with the condition that the last child named “Kusuma” must be sacrificed to Mount Bromo Crater. After 25 children were produced in last year later, Roro Anteng and Joko Segger broke their god condition and refused to sacrifice their last borne Prince Kesuma. Eventually, a dreadful eruption of Bromo followed and swallowed Kesuma into the crater. To appease the great God, Kesuma’s brothers and sisters held an offering ceremony at the crater once every year until today namley “Kasada Ceremony” and celebrated in Mount Bromo East Java, Indonesia on the full moon of the 12th month according the Tenggerese calendar.

Eruption History
The first eruption of Mount Bromo East Java Indonesia on 2004, The eruption episode led to the death of two people who had been hit by rocks from the explosion. The last eruption On Tuesday, 23 November 2010, 16.30 WIB (Western Indonesian Time), the Indonesian Centre of Vulcanology and Geology Hazard Mitigation (CVGHM) confirmed the activity status at “alert” due to increasing tremor activity and shallow volcanic earthquakes at the mountain. Concerns were raised that a volcanic eruption might be likely occurred. As a precaution local residents and tourists were instructed to remain clear of an area within a radius of three kilometres from the caldera and refugee encampments were erected. The area surrounding the Teggera caldera of Bromo remained off-limits for visitors throughout the remainder of 2010 Eventually, Mount Bromo, East Java erupted a volcanic ash on Friday 26 November 2010 until 23 January 2011

Deformation measurement using electronic distance measurement equipment compared observations at designated measuring points; POS-BRO, POS-KUR and POS-BAT during the period 25 November 2010 – 20 December 2010 with observations from the period 21 December 2010 – 30 December 2010 indicated the shortening of the distance from the POS-BAT or inflation. Observations between 30 December 2010 to 23 January 2011 were reported as relatively stable.

Mount Bromo is an Icon of Java Island Indonesia
Despite Mount Bromo had accurred eruption began on 2004 and the last was on 2011, but the domestic and foreign visitors still active taking thier vacation to this mountain. The last eruption not impacted to the landscape because rainy season had wiped  the volcanic ash that coverred Mount Bromo eruption remain, until Mount Bromo of East Java Province, popular as the iconic mount in Indonesia.

The visitors coming to Mount Bromo with various purpose, Some of them coming to enjoy a honeymoon tour and some of them only enjoy Mount Bromo midnight tour without stay in hotel. Mount Bromo not only as vacation purpose but also is the centre of photographer action, They visit the highest peak usually known “view point” at Mount Pananjakan by Bromo jeep rental to get Mount Bromo Milky Way, by starting from hotel in bromo mountain at 01:00 AM until the last at 04:00 AM then waiting for the sunrise at 15:15 AM until finish at 06:30 AM.

If you are intersted to explore the beauty of Mount Bromo, East Java Indonesia, you can choose our tour package option below or you can contact Us to get the hotel booking, Bromo Jeep rental or Our tour package price.

Mount Bromo Tour Option finsh Surabaya, Malang, Jogjakarta and Bali Island :

Mount Bromo, East Java Province Indonesia