Tanjung Papuma Jember | Popular Beach in Java Island

Tanjung Papuma Jember | Popular Beach in Java Island

tanjung Papuma Beach JemberTanjung Papuma Beach of Jember is an amazing and popular Beach in Java Island, Indonesia. it is located in southern coastal of jember regency, exactly in Lojejer village of Wuluhan subdistrict about 45 Km from Jember city. it is also known as Rocky Beach because of high rocks that surround the spot make this beach very interested. Papuma beach is very suitable place to enjoy the sunrise, because it has a high plateau that only need a trekking up for 10 minutes through the stairs from the parking area.

Tanjung Papuma Beach offers an enchanted panorama for sunrise and aslo sunset, Most photographers enjoy the exotic view from Papuma Peak, Beside Bromo Milky Way, it is also has strategic peak to see Papuma Milky Way started at 00:00 AM from parking lot. On Papuma Beach Jember, you will see the sunrise and a wide of southern sea that decorated by many high rocks and great terrifying waves it is really awesome from the top of Papuma (pasir putih malikan).

Beside enjoy the panorama of Papuma Beach, You can also possible enjoy delicious local foods in local food stores that always serve all visitors to enjoy various kind of fish dishes, bake fish like Gurami Fish, Indigo Fish, Bawal Fish, Grouper Fish, Kuwe Fish and the other dishes food. Papuma Beach has white and clear sand that possible for to do sunbathing. Beside of the beautiful nature it is also rich of fauna like Monitor Lizard, Jungle fowl, various kind of birds, wild boar, Deer, Porcupine and Anteater.

In this beach provided some reservation and supporting tools for visitors that want to enjoy Papuma circumstance like some lodges and camping ground. When the sunset time almost arrives, the atmosphere of Papuma will seem more beautiful tobe enjoyed untuk dinikmati. Especially when the time approaching to the dusk that interspersed with hard wind cause the circumstance into dramatic ambience. The situation at night always felt noisy because of the waves striking around the rocky area always come alternately make all visitors difficult to get sleepy.

Tanjung Papuma Beach 

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Tanjung Papuma Jember | Popular Beach in Java Island