Songa Rafting, Probolinggo Java Island,Indonesia

Songa Rafting, Probolinggo Java Island,Indonesia


Songa Rafting in Pekalen River is the best rafting in Java Island Indonesia.  Songa Rafting located in Pekalen River of Probolinggo subdistrict, exactly at Ranu Gedang village of East Java Island. Rafting Songa is started form the top of Pekalen River that located in Sawahan Village. Top Pekalen river has higher difficulty levels than down Pekalen river . the river is sourced from the springs of Mount Argopuro and Mount Lamongan with an average between 5-20 meters width and 1-3 meters depth. The distance of river from start – finish is 12 kilometers long, need the trip about 3.5 hours. Pekalen River also has various extreme rapids like White Water Rafiting in Bali. Songa Rafting consist of 50 piece rapids, They are Welcome, Stone Beard, The Pandavas, Eagles, Xtravaganza, KPLA, Triple Ace, The Fly Matador, Sharks, Cucak Rowo, Long Rapid, Good Bye and also Inul rapids, The difficult Level is at grade II to III.

Beside of Songa in Java Island, the other popular rafting in Indonesia consist of Telaga Waja Rafting or White Water Rafting of Ayung River, Melangit River in Bali, Alas River in Aceh, Citarik River in West Java, Elo River in Central Java, Lamandau River in Central Kalimantan and Nimanga River in Sulawesi Utara. Songa Rafting Adventure has various challenges level from grade I to grade III plus, it consist of 30 rapids and may only be followed by aged 10-60 years visitors. The river distance from start to finish divided into three sections, there are top Pekalen, middle Pekalen and bottom Pekalen River. The top Pekalen River is 12 km trip, middle Pekalen is 7 km and bottom Pekalen is 10 km.

Most visitors prefer choose the rafting in the top section from Ranu Gedang Village and finish at Pesawahan Village
the river distance from Start-Finish is 12 kilometer who reached for 3,5 hours with 50 rapids such as Welcome, Batu Jenggot, Pandawa, Rajawali, Xtravaganza, KPLA, Tripple Ace, The Fly Matador, Hiu, Cucak Rowo, Long Rapid, Good Bye and Inul Rapids, the most challenge section is in a grade II until III.

Before start Songa Rafting in Java,Indonesia the participants will be briefed about rafting activity. The participants will be introduced some of the terms used in during rafting done, Like the “Forward” which mean paddling forward, “Backward” which mean paddling backwards, “Stop” mean stop paddling, “Left Back” mean left rower must rowing backwards and fixed right paddle forward, “Right Back” means the right rower rowing backwards and left rowers keep paddling forward, “move left / right and back” which means that the participants have to move to the adviced direction and the most important is the “Boom” which means that the participants must move to the boat floor of the boat and raise the paddle facing to upwards, This suggestion is adviced when the boat passing a very narrow side walls and heavy rapids.

To reach the location of Songa Rafting tour, participants will be taken from the base camp to Songa rafting pekalen by pickup car for 20 minutes driving with the local gude and rescue team. After get the parking area at Ranu Gedang village, the participants had to down a path for 25 minutes by walking to Pekalen river.

Start location of river adventure or Rafting is from Angin – Angin area or Ranu Geddang village, In the middle trip, the rescue team will stop at the rest area of Kedung Adem wherein the participants and enjoy the local meals and Poka Tea, STMJ and fried banana dishes. It’s taste is very delicious and suitable enjoyed in middle trip with cold condition. The finish point located at Gembleng hamlet of Pesawahan village.

During the trip in Songa Rafting adventure, the participants will be presented to beautiful 7 waterfalls They are Niagara Waterfall, Bat Caves and Natural Rock Structure. The waterfall and cave are so amazing with clear and fresh water. The local guide deliberately stop the visitors in this section in order get an owesome view. the view of Bat Caves and waterfalls are still original, you will see a thousand Bat sfluttering and hanged on around the cave and rocks, you will also feel squealing smells of Bat. rancidity and dung of bats will be felt when passing through Bat Cave and Waterfalls. There is also a place to take free jump from a height of 5 meters, the place loose a tension.

To comeback to the base camp, the visitors must trekking through a path and comeback to the pickup car that has waited the participants on parking lot. Arriving at the base camp, participants can clean body and change the clothes in the bath room have been completed for visitors. Afterward, enjoy your lunch with traditional food such as Tempeh, tofu and fish penyet, vegetable ointment, definitely it is very delicious and able recover your energy.

Songa Rafting Facility :

  • Helmet
  • Float Jacket
  • Paddles
  • Mineral dringking
  • Rafting boat
  • Lunch in Songa Base Camp
  • Professional local guide
  • Pick Up and delivering transportation from Base Camp to Sawahan Village (starting location)

Songa Rafting Java is a part of the nature attraction of Indonesia Tourism in East Java Province who has included in Mount Bromo tour option. Tanjung Papuma Beach 

Songa Rafting, Probolinggo Java Island,Indonesia