Mount Bromo midnight tour without stay in hotel

Mt Bromo midnight tour without stay in hotel

Mount Bromo midnight tour without stay in hotel

Mt Bromo midnight tour package 1 night 1 day is the simple tour without stay in the hotel and the tour duration only 12 hours by starting from Surabaya Airport of Hotel. Midnight tour package to Mt Bromo mostly preferred by visitors because the visitors coming only for enjoying Mount Bromo Sunrise from Mt Pananjakan (view point), Love Hill, Wide Sea of Sand and Bromo Crater by Private jeep 4 WD. Finish enjoy Mt Bromo Midnight tour. If still have more time, the visitors normally continue to Madakaripura Watefall or directly comeback to Surabaya City.

Mt Bromo Tour package without hotel also possible started from Banyuwangi Ketapang Harbor with duration 6 hours driving by our tourist car. for compelete itinerary, read detailly below.

Mt. Bromo Midnight Tour Package 1 Night 1 Day

  • Bromo Midnight travel package, Started at midnight around 23.00 – 00.00 AM from Surabaya Airport, Hotel or Malang City then take you to parking lot at Sukapura or Cemoro Lawang area for 3,5 hours driving.
  • Arrive in the Jeep parking, change your car into Private jeep 4 WD then take you to Mount Panajakan or view point for 30 minutes driving to enjoy Sunrise and other views such as Mt Batok, Mt Bromo Crater and a massive Sea of Sand and the highest volcano in East Java named Mount Semeru (the highest mount in East Java Island) and other view until satisfied.
  • Comeback to the jeep then, continue to Mount Bromo Crater  by stop at Sea of Sand (parking lot), After get the parking lot, do Mt Bromo trekking for 30 minutes or take the horse riding transportation for 15 minutes then trek up through the stairs for amount 250 steps and enjoy the crater until satisfied then comeback to the Jeep to continue to Savvana Hill or Comeback to your car or Restaurant around Cemoro Lawang to have breakfast.
  • Return to Surabaya Airport, Malang, Banyuwangi, But If you still have more time, You can enjoy Madakaripura Waterfall Mt Bromo.
  • Arrive in Surabaya or your location request, Finish Mt Bromo Sunrise tour 1 night 1 day (Midnight travel package)


Excluded :

Mt Bromo tour package from Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi or Jogjakarta :

  1. Semeru Trekking Package 3 Days
  2. Mount Bromo and Madakaripura Waterfall Tour (2 Days)
  3. Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater tour (3 Days)
  4. Blue Flame Ijen Crater, Mt Bromo, Sukamade Tour 4 Days
  5. Mt Semeru Trekking Package 4 Days

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