Trekking Requirement to Mount Semeru National Park

Trekking Requirement to Mount Semeru National Park

Mount Semeru

Mount Semeru is popular as the highest Mount in East Java province that has 3,676 meters hight above sea level. it is also also known as Mahameru (Great Mountain) that has been one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes. Every 20 minutes or so, Mount Semeru always belches up sulfuric smokes after erupted by little, Climbing Mount Semeru requires a permit from the national park authority officers. This mount is near of Mount Bromo. It is possible to visit after finish enjoy Mount Bromo National Park.

Trekking Requirment to Mount Semeru
You can start from Mount Bromo area or hotel, Pasuruan and Lumajang regency to Ranu Pani. If you start from Mount Bromo to Ranu Pani is about 2 hours driving by 4WD jeep. after you get Ranu Pani area, hire the porters to accompany your trekking then continued to make a permit requirement in registration post and start trekking to Ranu kumbolo for 4 hours then make a base camp by accompanied with a porter in Ranu Kumbolo all nights, continued trekking to Kali Mati for 5 hours and make a Base Camp to wait for the next trekking to the top of Mount Semeru.start from Kali Mati at 23:00 PM  and get the top around 05:00 AM then waiting for Sunrise rising until finish enjoying.

You are really recommended to prepare your stuffs before trekking such as :

  • Bring your health certificate or you can take it at the nearest hospital or health center in the city.
  • On your way from Tumpang to Ranu Pane, stop at Gubuk Klakah village to take a permit letter to the National Park officer.
  • There is a checkpoint in Ranu Pane, register your name, your group and give your health certificate, permit letter, and entrance fee.
  • Tent, backpack, trekking shoes, raincoat, warm cloths, sleeping bag, mattrass, headlamp.
  • Mountaineering cooking stuff, documentation (camera), food, water, medicine, tissues, and
  • Necessary hiking equipment.

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Trekking Requirement to Mount Semeru National Park